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Hiding Text in .xml Files .. Helps with Kodi Mods.
Hiding Text in .xml Files .. Helps with Kodi Mods.

I'm Sure Lotsa you Guys @tvb Will Know This.
It's aimed at Members Who'd Like to Excel beyond the Q&A stage.

I'll show 2 Methods I Use.. Simply because Both Don't Marry Up
Depending Upon the Areas You're Modding..

When You're Modding (Let's Say) the Color of your Skin.
You'll be Working with Strings & Color Hex Code.. EG: invalid">FFFF0000</color
Which of Course is the Code for the Word "red" (FF0000). Written more
Popularly Using a Hash-tag (#) with 6 Digits. My EG is using 8 Digits..
The two Leading FF's are Alpha Control.. "Opacity".
So.. >22FF0000< would be a very Opaque red.. Almost a Mucky Pink.
Incidentally.. 00000000 is Black / FFFFFFFF is White. A Large Spectrum..!!
Any Combo of 0-9 with A-F.... Wow... Just worked it out in my Head..
... "NO" ... I Won't.. But It's a Lot. titter.

You have to Believe me when I Say that Some Skins are Monsters lol.
So It's Necessary to Keep Notes.. But Not in Notepad ha haaaaa..!!
You Want your Notes in the Sheet You're Working On... BUT you can't
Test Your Code While all your notes are In There. Kodi will Try to Read
It as Part of that File. So I Hide my notes from Kodi with a Method Called.
"Edit Out" or "Editing Out"...

Wrap Your Notes Between Tags.. Those Being..... <!-- -->

You can Hide Words, Sentences or Paragraphs.

<!-- KODI WILL NOT SEE THIS SENTENCE... rasp. lol -->


<!-- OR
ONE -->

Another Way to Hide Words & Sentences Is the Hash-Tag (#)
Very Useful In Listings & Menus.. And of Course m3u Files.
Start a Sentence with # And Kodi Can't Read It... UNLESS..
You Drop a Comma In There.. (,)


Is Unreadable by Kodi.. Until I Drop a Comma in So that Kodi can
Read My Title & the Source URL

#EXTINF:-0, 01 MBC2

Will be Seen & Listed by Kodi as....

01 MBC2

G'luk If you Try Modding or Writing m3u's
Some of my Example Code Is Incomplete.
Due to me Posting Into an html Page.. Tx

I Could have Used [code] tags. But Didn't.

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