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TV Box With Nougat v7.* .. Really Sux
TV Box With Nougat v7.* .. Really Sux

I Can Understand Fully Why Guys are After All the Upgrades..
But as a System Tester, "Droid/Kodi" I Find Most of the Kinks.

Oreo with Krypton v18.*
Is Gonna be Top of Lots of Users Lists.. And Yeah..!!
A Krypton v18.* Is Already Installed on Boxes & Being Sold.
I aint seen it With Oreo Yet.. But N v7.* .. Is a Deffo.

Anyhooooooo.. Back to Nuggitt.. Errrr I mean.. Nooooogarrhhhhhhh.

I Don't want to Upset Anyone. Specially Admins &/or Sellers.
So I'll Stick to (*Gb x *Gb Amlogic / Quad/Octa) Systems.

Users Who've Been thru the Ranks with Up-Dates/Grades Will Have
Come Across Snags.. It's Kinda Inevitable.. I Never Do Up's..
I Just Buy Another System with ( v.* This & v.* That) Pre-Installed.
I Don't Care If the Box Is Empty.. Coz I Delete all the Riff-Raff anyway.

All I Need Is the "Spec" & the "O/s"

So Now It's Nitty Gritty Time... & Summa Yaz'll Laugh..!!
My Favorite Combo Was.. KK v4.4.2 / Gotham v13.2
OBVIOUSLY.. It Had to Go Cozza "hevc/.265/4k" etc.
So Now All these Hi-End Boxes are being Churned outta YingTong Land.
And.... Very Good They Are.. smile........... BUT
Beware the Marriages of Roms, Systems & Accessible Features... ~_^

I've Just Binned 4x H96 & A Very Mysterious Box With Lollipop.
Lollipop Is as Sukky as.. Well errrr Yup.. A Lollypop.

The H96 Boxes were From Different Sources. One Had MM v6.0.1
The Other Three were Nuggittttt. One was v7.1.2 The Others v7.1.1

Bearing In Mind All the Different Systems And the kodi versions I've
Tested.. incl: spmc, ebmc & Many Others.... I'll Quickly Say.
MM v6.0.1 & kodi v16.1 Are the BEST marriage I've Found.

WHY.. Doesn't Nuggitt v7* fall Into Any Category I Mention..??
W E L L .... Hahaaaaarrrgggghhhhh. I Test 'Em.. And Here's Why.
The Manufacturers Are Locking Features Up..

Oh.. lol. That Doesn't Matter.. snigga.. Coz I'm Rooted & I'm
Scweppes Hot at Editing the Build.prop File.. titter.. AVVIT..!!
Oh NO.. my Friends.... It's You who's Gonna AVVIT.

You Can't Edit build.prop.. It's Locked @Factory...
You Can change File Permissions... Still Nope..
If you ”Force" Changes.. (Which Can Be Done).. Bricked..!!

I aint Tried pushing a Build.prop via TWRP yet.. Who Knows..??

My Present H96 pro+. AndyPandy N v7.1.1
It Is Locked Into "Split-Screen". Hence Some of My Apps
Won't Animate or Float. I'll Figga It at Some Stage lol
But ATM .... Stumped..!!

Take Care Upgradin'

This Post Is Not Meant as a Spoiler.
These Are my Findings & A Share.


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