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-=SOUND DTS - TRUE HD 5.1 7.1 =-?
I warmly welcome. Lukasz POLAND.

We have quite a serious problem with Our tv box and s912 ..

Sound problems 5.1 and 7.1 DTS True HD and ATMOS.

Is wogole nexbox a3 it supports?

I have uploaded updates from the link is a little better but the sound disappears every 10 seconds.

Is the problem lies on the side of codecs? the same processor amlogic?

It works for you properly sound?

Failed to someone send an 7.1 sound to ampituner ???
Por tema de licencias DTS y esas cosas, cuando intentéis reproducir algún video descargado, puede que el sonido no os funcione. Yo me he vuelto loco hasta dar con la solución. Tenéis que bajaros el reproductor mx player. Una vez descargado e instalado, os descargais el codec vARM7 Neon. Ahora pasais a abrir el mx player y os saldrá una ventana que dice que ha detectado un nuevo plugin, si quieres instalarlo, le dice que si y reinicias el mxplayer. Ahora vas a Ajustes y seleccionas la casilla que pone activar decodificacion por SW de archivos locales. Ahora, ya se escucharán los vídeos. Solución extraida de aqui:
error link

no sound 7.1 TRUEHD and others.
No license DOLBY for s912. How to Solve this affair developers nexbox?

source of knowledge

We did, however, fire up ATMOS TrueHD and for the help Movie Player player system.
Wine lies on the side of kodiego.

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The News Flash Section:

Buggiest Android Kodi Box award of the quarter goes to:

- Any AMLogic S912 box running Android Marshmallow 6.0, like the Beelink GT1 as an example. Don't get hoodwinked by clever marketing and Tech specs people. Its been awarded a D by our very own @hdmkv. A D for Do Not Bother!
There is NO LibreELEC Kodi support for AML S912 devices either.

Along with that warning, those considering buying any dirt cheap, unsupported Android Kodi boxes needs to Read This

And if that does not convince you that all AMLogic boxes with Android Marshmallow 6.0 are rubbish at the moment for semi-serious Kodi use, then read this post about DTS Audio passthrough issues.
i think because s912 is new, and kodi is getting new version (17.0 krypton) soon.

i like the box! can the raspberry pi even do what you would like? 7.1? new HD audio format bitsreaming?

i also think its funny when people have very expensive sourround sound system, amp and speakers... and complain about bugs a android box from china. buy a bluray player and original bluray movie disc and you will have 7.1 HD audio without issues! Wink

if i remember correctly s905 boxes also had/have problems with bitsreaming multichannel audio...

someday s912 might be supported by openelec?
here is about Smile.

how are something will change for s912 Be sure, because the admin of this forum to zero contact or does not know how to solve this problem because it does not Smile

TV far put off box on the shelf in the winter sleep Smile. You will have to wait as arose new firmwary and test ..

in the Movie Player plays all the best Smile. each sound. but the will kodi Smile. Movie player and it is not possible search for films from the LAN.

mx player or not really work.
thaks for the link! interesting forum Smile

i just hope when kodi krypton is released as final non beta it will work for you! bu i am no expert ..
I doubt it will work. I'm going to buy zidoo x9s.
Smaller problems with sound.

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