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Box keeps freezing
(07-26-2018, 03:43 PM)gatos814 Wrote: Ok , let's take it from the beginning...
If your tv box has Android 7 , i'm pretty sure ,that this isn't S905X but S905W !
So you can not use the Android 6 firmware (my mistake from he beginning) !
I have seen some photos from the new model and yes , it seems to not have an on/off button !
I have one of the older S905X 2/8 model and for that i have to say for sure that has an ''overheating'' problem !
Maybe that's the reason for the tv box's freezing!
So try a factory reset or use the stock Android 7 firmware to reflash the tv box
Also use a cpu temp app from playstore to monitoring the temperature
And last ,try to find (if the temperature is high) a way (like a fan) for dropping down the temperature!
Good luck!


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