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Not correct reinstalled Windows 10

Thank you for such a wonderful mini-computer!

However, but I make it little broken.

I have found that in the process of restarting (after installing the software and drivers), the system has made copying itself in folder Windows.Old and ate the entire disk.
1) Attempt to clean the disc has been ineffectual.
2) I had to partially remove the folder Windows.Old.
3) It was not enough. I decided to reinstall Windows10 (to Windows7) through the system software.
4) As a result, the system not full installed, it seems to me what is left of Windows.Old.

Completely loaded. Welcome screen None. Taskbar constantly blinking - that comes and goes (dark).

My knowledge:
1) Through the Esc at startup can open the BIOS.
2) are on the disk, other than the main section 3 hidden partition
- Hidden partition 100-120 MB NTFS,
- 100MB hidden partition FAT32,
- Primary partition using the NTFS system,
- 500MB hidden partition NTFS.
3) Have your drivers, BIOS, and activation.

Knowledge bit advanced user.

I do not know:
1) How to reinstall Windows 10, or Windows 7 (8) using these hidden partitions, I do not know.
2) How do I install (reinstall) Windows 10, or Windows 7 (8) via a flash drive.

Can you help?
Many thanks to the administrator for your invaluable participation and support!!!
I want for You the 10-fold reciprocity!
Try this!41I10RqY!uTNP3oFI9NHCM...9WKkG82dhA

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