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MXQ Pro Cannot Load Volume /misc! error
HI All,

My first post and apologies if its the wrong place.

I have an MXQ Pro TV box which, for some reason, stopped working and now displays the recovery menu. I can use all the options available.
I've created a USB with the 3 firmware files on and can access them after reboot. However, when I try to use the Update from EXT option, navigate to the files and select the file, it starts loading but bombs out with a Cannot Load Volume /misc! error.
No matter what I do, I can't get out of recovery mode.
Has anyone any idea on resolving this issue?
Try to use usb method!
Good luck!
(06-20-2018, 10:09 PM)gatos814 Wrote: Try to use usb method!
Good luck!

HI Gatos814,
I have no idea about Android as an operating system. However, I'm a quick study if pointed in the right direction.
From my first post, you saw that I had the 3 files on the USB and the box sees them quite happily when I navigate to them.
If I select the data/factory reset, it goes through the process of wiping data, formatting data/cache and reports wipe complete. The next line says Cannot load volume/misc!
I then select the update from EXT, then Update from udisk and shows the '' file. Select it, and then it goes through the:
Cannot load volume /misc!
xxxing update package...
xxxing update package...
Secure Check...
Secure check failed. (not match)
Installation aborted
Cannot load volume /misc!
No matter what I do, everything I do ends with the Cannot load volume/misc! error message and I don't know where to go next.
However, your reply seems to indicate that there's an option.
Could you explain further please?
Find what is the chip of your tv box
Buy a male to male usb cable and look for the stock firmware with .img !
It must be an Amlogic SoC tv box , so with a cable the tool and the stock firmware all will be ok!
If you identify well your tv box and find the proper firmwre it will be 100% succes!
Good luck!

P.S: And a small video with the usb way !
Hi Gatos814,
Many thanks for your help.
Work in progress...………….!!

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