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Flashing Green screen every 30 seconds
Sorry if this has been asked before, I'm getting a quick green flash on the screen every 10-30 seconds and it's driving me CRAZY!! Should I send the box back or is there a fix? Thanks for any replies.
Hi shawzie,
Did you update to the latest firmware which corrects the colorful screen?
or you can try the A3 one with more fixes!
it's the same thing!

No I haven't, is their a tutorial on how to install that? Sorry but I'm not very tech savvy lol I got the Meta app but I'm not sure how I move the files to the box? I've been trying for awhile but got frustrated and shut it down lol.
and there are instructions on the Zip file (firmware Folder)
Thank you for the help! Unfortunately I don't have a CPU or a USB cable like that lol, I'll try the SD card route. Pretty disappointing that the fixes aren't more user friendly for everyone, if your going to take my money then support your product better, just my opinion. Like I said, I'm not very tech savvy but I see there is an update option under system, couldn't this be used to make life simple for people?
For the time being this fix/firmware does not work OTA (on the air).
Just take your time, study each step, familiarize with the process and you will do it fairly easily.
Lol, but if I don't have a computer to do it then its pointless!!!

I'm returning both of them to Amazon and buying a different brand, wasted enough time with these.???
Do what you want mate but you must know this is a lot of promising tv box!
now the matter of no pc is your problem and "you will find it in front of you" in most of these tv boxes!
so the decision is only yours!
Had a friend come over with a laptop, tried the SD card method and all it did was turn the blue light to red. Now whenever it's plugged in it just has the red light?? Any ideas?

It's like it's stuck on standby mode now? And yes I held in the reset button in the back with a toothpick before powering it up.

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