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Help with MeCool KII Pro DTV setup.
Hi all,

Was wondering if I can get some help on setting up the Sat signal on my KII Pro box, with Android 7.1. Can seem to find much in the ways of tutorials or guides on setting up the sat dish and getting a good signal.

So far this is what I did. I aimed my dish to 91.1 W, to NIMIQ 6 with my Bell Dish. Used a digital Sat signal finder receiving a very strong signal on the finder. I have coax running directly from LNB port 1 straight to my KII Pro's svb-s2 port.

However on my KII Pro on Transponder 11 or any other transponder for that matter, my signal stays around 56% and will jump back and forth between 50s-70s. Not a stable signal.

Am I doing something wrong? What settings should I have it on in my KII Pro?

Please help.
I think the first thing you should do is try it with a ''native'' satellite Receiver to see if it is a bad sat eye or a lnb problem!
I don't have access to a native receiver.

When finding a signal with my digital sat finder, I was getting a strong signal with it, but it never seemed to transfer or showed on the KII Pro box. So this leads me to believe it's the box settings.

Any insights?
There are differences from receiver to receiver so i suggest you again to try with one ''native'' satellite receiver to see if there is any similarity in signal quality!

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