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Dropping Internet conection
Don't know how to add pictures
(08-09-2018, 06:54 AM)BILLY2421 Wrote: 7.1.2
Don't know how to add pictures

The easiest way is to get a clear picture from your phone of the section with all version infos and upload it here!
Hi searched all the power leeds I have and nil are the same output as the one that came with the Mecool TV Box.

Do you have a email that I can send pictures I have tried to upload and failed miserably.
Thank you
2 things...
1- Try to change resolution and make the file less than 2mb
2- Or upload them to an image cloud and use the url in the tools of the post
Good luck!
[Image: 9xxSyUuthQujuA1S9]  
[Image: jDMc6LHp5m7CPMdA6]  
[Image: iym1HxczWDDs76vz9]
First of all google photos cloud is not working as you see!
Just give us here only the links of the photos!
I saw , by the way ,the photos and it shows nothing from what i asked you!
So once more take a picture of the section in the settings wit all the software informations!
Thank you every one for your help.
I think it is now time to bite the bullet and have decided I should not have to go through all this on a new product. Don't get me wrong I find when the product is working for the 20 30 minutes ìts great and well pleased.
Thank you again
South Yorkshire
Good luck with the next one!
Thank you.
It happens with any TEC fingers crossed.

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