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mecool m8s plus w reset button?
mecool m8s plus w

After factory reset my box does not boot anymore so i tried connecting to computer with usb but i cant find the reset button so the computer can recognize it.

Where is the reset button located? i tried the av hole but no sucesss. thanks
Look here after the firmware :
It has instructions!
Good luck!
thanks but i need to find the reset button on the box if not the firmware is useless . the computer wont recognize the usb connection if recovery button isnt on.
You're in a hurry!
I told you to look down from the firmware!
''Please press the menu key on the remote continuously to enter the recovery interface.''
ty. will try it.

if anybody else want to know i can confirm pressing menu button on remote works and gets you into recovery mode. i had problem downloading firmware from geekbuying though it says interrupted so will try again.

Im guessing next step is getting the firmware on a usb stick and install from ext in recovery mode?
thanks to gatos814 just got my box back working.

very easy setup with pressing menu button on remote and installing firmware from external usb.
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