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mecool m8s plus w change launcher?
mecool m8s plus w. when i try to change launcher it still loads the default launcher which is a key module on boot. Is there any way to change this so i can use another launcher ?
i also have this problem about my tv box, i suggest you to ask the seller, maybe the technical team can tell you the method.
it works if you delete the mediabox launcher with a app remover tool and install another one but if you do a factory reset after doing that your box will boot to a black screen because you removed the launcher.

first install anoter launcher that is then delete key launcher withsystem app remover tool
maybe gatos got something for us? any ideas? thanks
This is the best way!
It may has written on build.prop the command to start always with mediabox launcher!
So install another like nova and erase the native one with an app remover tool in a fully rooted tv box!
yes its a good way to get it done. Do you think this box would possible run with firmware from any other s905 w like tanix tx3 mini or alfawise s95? I like the box but the firmware is not so good.
Almost all the 905w have similar specs!
So i think you have nothing to lose!
Just choose one with 1/8 specs!
Good luck and feedback the results!
i will try, my only worry is that the remote function to get into the recovery will be lost if i try another firmware or do you think thats hard coded before the firmware? thanks
I really don't know!
Hard decision!
easy way to change the launcher. download another launcher and install it and set it as default. then download es file explorer. click on root explorer and delete system apps. find mediabox apk and delete it.

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