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Mecool KM8 Network Problem
Reset did not help. After standby, there is no connection to the Internet and bluetooth does not work.
2 things more.....
I believe that you must check your power adapter!
So if you have or can find a similar give it a try!
And second thing if nothing will fix your issue ,is to manually flashing the stock firmware!
Good luck!
1. ok i try to find the similar adapter.
2. where can I find stock firmware for KM8?
Which is exactly your tv box?
This old one with no antenna and Android 6.0 :
Or this newer with the antenna and the Android 8.0 ? :
MECOOL KM8 Google Certified Android TV Box with Voice Remote - BLACK EU PLUG
newer with the antenna and the Android 8.0
Then i'm afraid you don't have much to do...
The only firmware is this OTA . zip
Put it in the root directory of a micro sd cardand give it a try through the updater!!NQxVURDB!__BT-yJmLOSFAuqsqsb-iA
I hope this firmware to solve your issue!
Good luck!
Thanks, I did everything, until I noticed that after sleep, there is no connection from the bluetooth remote, I will watch.
nothing has changed, after a long idle standby lost network and Bluetooth connection
I really don't know what to say about that!
Maybe it's an early bug from Android 8 , i don't know!
But if it was working ok from the beginning maybe it's something on hardware !
I think so too, thank you for your help

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