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Dolamee D5 Bootet nicht

da ich hier neu bin, Mag ich mich erst mal Entschuldigen, wenn du wo war falsches Poste.

Mein Problem ist, das ich eine Delamee D5 habe, aber diese ist nur noch zum Schriftzug DELAMEE bootet, danach ist Schluss.

Ich habe schon versagt, die Box Update zu tun, nur stehe ich nun vor dem Problem, das ich das Betriebssystem installiert habe, noch ein Update per PC hinbekommen.

Hat jemand eine Idee, wie ich das Flashen kann und welch e Version sollte ich nehmen.

Meine Box ist die Dolamee D5 1GB + 8GB

Danke und ich würde mich freuen, wenn ich eine Einführung und Link zum Download des Systems bekomme.


PS Sorry für mein schlechtes Englisch


Since I'm new here, I first apologize if you where was wrong post.

My problem is that I have a Delamee D5, but this is only to the lettering DELAMEE boots, then it's over.

I have already failed to do the box update, but now I am faced with the problem that I have installed the operating system, even an update via PC hinbekommen.

Does anyone have any idea how to flash and what version should I take?

My box is the Dolamee D5 1GB + 8GB

Thanks and I would be glad if I get an introduction and link to download the system.


P.S Sorry for my BAD
Look here :
Good luck!
(10-29-2018, 01:53 PM)gatos814 Wrote: Look here :
Good luck!

Hello, thanks for the reply.

Unfortunately, I've already installed these files several times under WIN 7 and Win 10. WIN10 brings me a bug and WIN7 I do not have a drive, or it does not.

So now I'm standing there like a dork, wants to bring the BOX to run but it may be due to Windows instead of me.
The first and the last thing in these situations is to properly install the drivers!
In windows 10 there is a trick with the Driver Signature Enforcement !
You have to disable it first and then install the Rockchip drivers!
So uninstall and clean your pc and disable driver signature verification to do your job!
Good luck!
Hello, there,
I've tried it and my Windows 10 I can't disable the drivers. Windows 7 it doesn't find the BOX and I would like to install the BOX again, because only the start screen DOLAMEE comes, this doesn't go any further, Does anyone have another idea how this can work?
If you follow the instructions of disabling driver signature enforcement EXACTLY you will manage to get communication with your tv box!
The only way if you installed drivers right and still have no results is to hard bricked your tv box and maybe will have to short pin 2 specific pins from your eMMC to get it back to life!
But beware , this is very difficult for a common user!
So try to install properly your drivers and i'm sure you'll find the way....!
First try disabling driver signature enforcement and then look here some methods :
Also if you uninstall all previous versions might work and with windows 7 without disabling anything!
Good luck!
Thank you so much for your patience. Everything worked out because I was a bit stupid, but with 50 years everything is good.
Now my question, how do I get the current KODI version on it, have an AKP only does not do it.
If i got it right ,you want to replace your old kodi version with the new one?
Try first by updating via play store
If not working just uninstall old kodi and try again via playstore!
Good luck!

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