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Mecool K111 Pro unable to clear streaming list
I have a Mecool K111 Pro with android 7.1.2

I only use it to stream video mudic and picture files from my PC over the network to my TV.

problem is it downloads the list of files in the particular directory and it seems that the list in the Video directory on the K111 becomes too big and it jams and I cant add files to itg or  delete files from it .

How do I clear the K111 directory ??

Where do I go in Androiud settings to either increase the space allowed for this directory or clear it ?

Do you mean the KIII pro tv box?
If you mean that , as far as i know it's Android 7.1.1!
Anyway , do you use a specific android app for this job like native media server or something else?
Gatos 814
Thanks for your reply.

It uses a form of Kodi called " TV Center " however it is a slightly modified Kodi
The files must be in the Android part as I have deleted and re installed the "TV center " 3 times and the list remains .

Hope you can help

Please give me more details about the tv box!
The Box is a Mecool K111 Pro with android 7.1.
I only use it for streaming.
So when it connects to my PC server it loads the titles in the download files on my PC into the box .
this list fills up at 200 items .
I cannot delete the files on the box even though I have deleted from the PC lisy.
Sorry but i don't know the k111 pro tv box!
So is this the tv box you have (this ONE is KIII PRO Hybrid ) :
If not , please give me the link if you like!
Thank you!
Yes this is the box I have

Use es explorer and give it root access
Then enable hidden folders....
Look there for what you are looking for!
Now for the tv center, go into system and erase if you are in root condition ,everything you don't want!
Beware what these will be because if you erase something you don't know you might soft brick the tv box and you will have to reflash again the stock firmware!
Good luck!
Thank You I will try IT !
I used ES Explorer and could not acccess the hidden files .The app would not "Unlock " the Root directory.
Any further advice ??


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