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wifi speed is extremely slow (Mecool M8S Pro L)
Hi everybody,

I have Mecool M8S Pro L tv box (3Gb/32GB with voice command)

When I stream from NetFlix or Youtube by using wifi, it does not reach to full hd quality and frequently buffering (almost every 4-5 minutes). On the other hand, when I connect with ethernet, everything is perfect: I get full HD quality without any buffering.

Someone may think that my wifi signal is weak, however this is not the case: The box is just 1.5 mt away from the router without any obstacles (no wall etc). Signal level is shown "perfect", in the mecool's menu of wifi section.

Moreover when try to download something from Google Playstore, let's say file size is around 5 Mega Byte, it takes 60 sec with wifi, and only 2-3 second with ehternet connection! So many little file transfer in so long time in wifi!

My router's encryption type is "AES".

So, this is my situation, please advise for fixing the issue.

Thanks a lot.
This issue has to do with not only one parameter!
If it was working and now not maybe the power adapter lost its power!
Maybe if it's from the beginning ,is a firmware bug!
Maybe you have to change wifi channels for better signal!
These are some!

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