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broken K1 pro
I bought a console on aliexpress, turned on, set only HDMI-cec and went to the kitchen. A minute later I came back, look, black screen on TV, and the button on k1 pro flashes red-blue-no light. Well, I thought maybe the new firmware and this is a sleep mode. Began to try turn-on (press the button) but there was no reaction.
I turned-off the power then turned on. Still blinking and blinking. Then after a heap of times of pulling out and switching on the power wires, began to burn button is just blue light.

I started experimenting with a toothpick. I went to the bootloader but there are mistakes

E: failed to mount /cache (No such file or directory)
E: failed to mount /cache (Block device required)

And a lot of errors like this. 

I tried to reset to factory settings. Not reseted. There was the same errors. I can't setup another firmware either. The same mistake.

What is it? Broken flash-memory?
From what you are saying , i suggest you to contact with the seller for a solution!
Or try to flash it via pc and see if that's working!

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