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Can anyone provide the latest firmware for MECOOL M8S PRO W, normal android not the android TV version please
Anyone ?
There are some stock firmwares but since i don't have this tv box i don't know if there are pure Android or not!
Are you sure , by the way , that there are simple Android versions for this tv box?
And of course ,if you finally change it, you probably lose the DRM L1!!!
That's what I had before bricking the box.
Now every version I found it's not working with Amlogic Burning Tool.
So if i'm getting it straight , you need an .img firmware, right?!
(11-25-2018, 01:58 PM)gatos814 Wrote: So if i'm getting it straight , you need an .img firmware, right?!

YES ! found this info about this firmware but can`t find a download link for m8s pro w ota 20180831 151127 v021
I don't know for this but here is an older one :
Good luck!
Found the latest firmware for Mecool M8S PRO W OTA update!jE9DUTDY!vkLtjn8UeCeM20_iXIKvbQ

After trying to install NEXUS rom for this device I manage to soft brick the box.

In order to UNBRICK your box you have to follow next steps:
Because the box doesn`t have a reset button ( CHEAP BUILD) you have to open the box and short the 2 pins ( check the picture )
Then you have to install on your computer  USB_Burning_Tool_v2.1.6. ( how to use it check you tube)
The image that you have to load to unbrick your device you have to download it from here :

The M8S_PLUS_W 20180622.img file is for M8S plus but this will help you unbrick your box.
Then after restarting the box wait until the android boots and do an OTA update with this file :!jE9DUTDY!vkLtjn8UeCeM20_iXIKvbQ

Now you unbricked your box and have the latest firmware.

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Sorry , but again i ... lost you!
Did you find what are you looking for and this is just the ''confirmation post'' of how you did it or this is how you bricked your tv box?
By the way a lot of these tv boxes with Android TV OS don't have in purpose , reset button and the only way is via OTA file !
This is how I did it and how anyone can unbrick MEcool M8S PRO W and install the latest firmware.
If you only want to update the latest firmware, then do only the OTA Update with the zip file. from here :!jE9DUTDY!vkLtjn8UeCeM20_iXIKvbQ

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