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Mecool KM9 Wifi Get Disconnected Every 20 Minutes
Like the title said, this is very annoying, have to restart or forget wifi and reconnect every time. It's not an official/certified Android TV box, but at least I expect the basic things to work well.

Is there anyway to fix it or anyway to contact mecool to have it fixed, or have to wait for mecool to update which don't know when.
Did you try a factory reset?
Also test it and with other power adapter if it's possible!
If still nothing after that it's pretty sure that is a software problem!
All these Android 8 tv boxes have issues (more or less) !
I'm sure in near future updates will corect all their issues !
Already reset once and tried changed different settings in wifi and device sleep time, it remains the same, very annoying at this point.
As i said , all the Android 8 tv boxes have software issues!
The only thing you can do is waiting for updates!

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