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netflix error ui-800-3 M8S Pro L
good night
I have a M8S pro L box tv that has a Netflix error UI-800-3
How can I solve?
best regards
Last days Netflix ''kicked out'' all the tv boxes with patched licenses !
So , the only thing working now is black netflix with 480p!
I suggest you to have patience and waiting , maybe , for another update fix!
So will there be an update from Mecool or will the thousands of people who bought these boxes be left hanging with no solution? Its a good box but seriously we need support from Mecool on this issue!!!! Angry
Before the last ''blackout'' there were fixes in generally short time
But ...... we will see........!
Google banned many devices on 9th Dec 2018. MeCool included.
unless they (StrongVideo) release another burn key patch tool soon , I'm going to stop buying these MeCool tv boxes.
I'm guessing I will not be the only one...
Anyway, someone need to pay google for the device DRM certification otherwise it will be blocked again.
Nevetheless , they are good linux devices (LibreElec)
I believe the new Google demand is to have a device locked bootloader with SELinux enabled.
I have emailed Strong Video and asked for help like they did previously. Hopefully they will be able to give us a fix. What I don't understand who is Netflix to determine or say that only certain TV boxes get to run the app. It makes no sense. Google doesn't have an issue with Android TV being on Mecool boxes so why should Netflix....

Anyways if I hear something back I'll make sure to post it.

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