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Download Pending
I have this issue with Download Pending. I have read and watched videos on deleting caches, uninstalling updates. Going back to factory settings and even deleting caches etc from Play Store Services. When first run I can download and install apps but, as  soon as Play Store updates can't download anymore, just keeps saying "download Pending". I have no clue now what can be done since I did everything. Is there a way that I can download the apk file of Play Store.  Can I totally uninstall then reinstall new apk? If so, where can I download it and instructions on how to uninstall the factory Play Store I have then install new apk version? I have attached the info of my Y6.

I have contacted Google support and since I did all the required steps to rectify the issue myself, the only "choice left is contact manufacturer so they can troubleshoot Android software and/or settings". 
Thank you in advance,
Gary Latendresse

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For start ..try to download this independent store :
and after installation look if there are updates for all google services!
Good luck!
Gatos... how safe is this site though? I am not going to set myself up to box being accessed?
As far as i know it's a good & safe place with original apps!

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