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no internet out off stand by m8s pro L
he hello
if i put my m8s pro L in stand by with the power button , and then try to put the box on  when i pusch  the power button box goes on but no internet connection when i put out the power cord and put in again all works fine it looks if lan does not start someone has this problem also
Starting doing a factory reset and see if there is any difference!
no that helps nothing still the same
Check couple of things...
Go to settings and look for HDMI CEC and close it
Also look for power key and put it on shutdown !
And last , try to check it with another power adapter if it is possible!
Good luck!
thanks for reply box is brand new hdmi cec is shut off if i choose shutdown function that works is the problem box boots completly that take a long time so i think it is a bug in the software maybe the best option is to let it stay on always i dont now what is the best or sell another box
If the tv box is not on shutdown it's not power off correctly!
It's just getting into sleep mode which means that it's always ... on (with all these consequences) !
well if i let it always on is also no option because screensaver start and it is not possible to get this option out so i have to put the box of and on then it works but it is strange that i can let the box on maybe software problem
Most of the tv boxes have the same behaviour in that (depenting of course and from the version of the software) !
So as i said always shutdown your tv box and everything will be ok!
yes i will do that thanks everybody for help grtz

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