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Nexbox A95x (s905x) Android 6.0 FAQ - Part 2
Note: Due to board restrictions on posting images - this FAQ is split into multiple parts.

This is part 2 of the FAQ.

Q: Is there a way to do a "Factory reset" of my A95x , if it becomes unresponsive and I can no longer boot it?
A: Yes , forum user Gatsos814 posted a video here. Note This video is for a different brand of Media box , but basically the procedure is the same. This can only be performed if your A95x has a reset switch in the A/v hole. Use a plastic toothpick to access this switch NOT a metal item. Note: A factory reset will wipe all your user data. So always make sure you have a backup via using the included "Update/Backup" app.

Q: I use a external USB keyboard , is there any way to stop the internal keyboard from displaying?

A: Forum user Yuval has one solution for us:
[Image: attachment.php?aid=68]
[Image: attachment.php?aid=69]
[Image: attachment.php?aid=70]
[Image: attachment.php?aid=71]

Q: Can I control my Nexbox with a Android App on my phone? , if so. which one?
A: Forum user Tenoce has the answer:

Use this app, it works flawlessly:

You may need to go to settings>remote control , and switch "on" for this to work...

Q: Can I install the TWRP recovery on my A95x (s905x) , so that I can do a FULL (Nandroid) backup of my device?

A: Yes you can replace the "Stock" recovery on the A95x (s905x) with the TWRP one. Also you DO NOT have to PERMANENTLY install TWRP. If you want you can just boot from it.  
See the procedure forum user Friz posted:

More info on TWRP is located here:
What is TWRP and why should I use it?

I own both a Nexbox A95x (s905x) 16gb/2gb , and also a A95X (s905x) 8gb/2gb. I love these forums and want to try and contribute and share some things with other users.

I have to say , I have NOT worked out this for myself. This is other people's work I have gathered from around the internet. I have tested it myself on my own A95x (s905x) and then re-written it here. Credit goes to the original authors. As always with these things: USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!


Here we have the procedure to install TWRP 3.0.2-0 on A95X (s905x) (Android 6.0). For those of you who do not know what TWRP is. It replaces the "Stock" recovery on a A95x with a Recovery that allows you to make a Full backups of your Android device , and then restore it at a later date.


There are two main ways to install this. One is for A95x units that have the reset switch , and a second procedure for those A95x Units that DO NOT have the reset switch. One of my units had a reset switch , the other did not , so I tested both methods.

Before you start, install this app (Reboot Manager) from the Google apps store:

1) Booting from SD card with the Reset Switch.
1. Download the file twrp.s905x.img from this link    .Then rename it to recovery.img
2. Copy recovery.img to the root of your external SD card
3. Power down your device
4. Power up your device by pressing (and holding) reset button found in AV port (use a thin non-metal object - e.g. toothpick, plastic straw, etc)
5. Your device will boot directly into TWRP
6. Use TWRP itself to install the TWRP recovery by using TWRP's 'flash image' option to install the TWRP recovery.img
7. Reboot into TWRP recovery using the Reboot Manager App you downloaded and installed from the apps store above.

2) Booting from SD card WITHOUT the Reset Switch
1) Download the file twrp.s905x.img from this link    .Then rename it to recovery.img
2) Copy this recovery.img file to the ROOT of your SD card
3) Copy a "dummy" file to root of sd card. A example of such a "dummy" file can be downloaded   here:  
[Image: zip.png] (Size: 22 bytes / Downloads: 2) 

4) Go to the "Backup / Update" app on your A95x. Then select Local Update , then  browse , then browse to on your sd card.
5) Hit Update.
6) You A95x will then reboot into TWRP.
7 Use TWRP itself to install the TWRP recovery by using TWRP's 'flash image' option to install the TWRP recovery.img
8) Reboot recovery using the Reboot Manager App you downloaded and installed from the apps store above.

UPDATE: You can use ALL the functions of TWRP just by booting it from either a SD card or a USB Flash Drive. You DO NOT have to permanently install it. Forum users Friz and Spiros have done extensive Testing with this:

The Following has only been tested by using the Update/Backup App method for booting from SD or USB. It has NOT been tested using the Reset switch method.

With a SD Card:
SD card formatted as internal storage and migrated. Kept inserted. 

USB card reader with a 8GB micro sdhc formatted to FAT32 (exfat does not work, so NTFS I assume)
USB card reader  is plugged in the second USB slot, the one next to HDMI slot.
In the first USB slot I have my USB hub with two wireless receivers that still work in TWRP.
Box shows as external storage only the USB "drive" as the sd card is migrated as internal storage.
USB card reader has the "TWRP_NexBox_A1.img" and the (dummy) " file"
Select from the update & backup where the update firmware is and shows the USB card reader path and upon rebooting TWRP runs.

With a USB Flash Drive:
I used a 8gb USB Flash Drive formatted Fat32. Formatting FAY32 is essential EXFat and NTFS Do not work.
TWRP booted perfectly in BOTH USB slots. It even booted when inserted in a passive (non powered) Hub.
SD card formatted as internal storage and migrated. Kept inserted.

You can also download the necessary files from the Nexbox Repository located here:!F9xjTSSa!R0vJfTC2U6Qc2skNMrr1iQ

Q: This very annoying icon has appeared on the right hand side of my device's screen , what is it?  and how can I remove it?.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=59]

A: This is caused by having the Android App "Es File Explorer" installed. It can be turned off in the ES File Explorer settings:

1) Go to "Display settings" in ESfile Explorer  and then "Other" and switch it off.
Friz's Nexbox File Repository:!F9xjTSSa!R0vJfTC2U6Qc2skNMrr1iQ
Friz's Nexbox A95x (s905x), A1/A3 Facebook Page:
Friz's SmallRT X1 , X2 , X3 Facebook Page:
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